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 Software Piracy

When we think of Software Distribution we rarely consider anything outside the basic situation of ourselves the developer receiving payment from the customer and delivering the software in return.


Sadly there is often much more distribution than we are aware of. Software Piracy is prevalent in both private and commercial software markets and affects them in very different ways...

Private Sector

We all know that most new computers have a recordable DVD drive, let alone the ability to copy CDs, coupled with recent internet trends Software Piracy in the private market has reached an industrial scale. As the price of broadband plummets BT predicts it will become commonplace quicker than mobile phones, with more music singles downloaded last Christmas in the UK than being brought in conventional shops.


Moreover illegal P2P file sharing can no longer be measured by the number of downloads, but by the necessity for ISPs to cap the bandwidth used by such applications to protect the very structure of the internet from buckling under this immense strain, see the PCube White Paper.


Internet Growth



This ever increasing popularity of cd writers and P2P internet file sharing software such as Morpheus means there are now many software pirates of poorly protected software from whom the developer receives no payment.

Commercial Sector

Software Piracy has been absorbed by the commercial software sector to an astonishing degree, though it exists in a very different form. Many software installers in business take into work the same apathy towards Software Piracy they have at home, not just disregarding but in many cases being completely unaware of the number of users permitted by their software license.


Even without the software installer's disregard for the software license restraints it is extremely difficult to keep track of the number of installations for a software site license with a large number of users. Honest company directors are growing increasingly concerned of the bad publicity and legal consequences that would follow such a software license violation.

Apart from increasing your sales by making would be software pirates purchase your software, Software Activation also saves directors from worrying about these complications.

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