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 Who We Are

We are a software service company based in London, England. Our goal is to make the software industry fairer for both developers and honest users alike through Online Activation. We believe we have made Online Activation easier for end users than standard activation of unprotected software. We have also created an API for the developer which is both easy and flexible, with the source code to protect your software generated automatically by your online account.

Business Ethos

We pride ourselves in the quality of service to both our clients and their customers in turn. And promise never to embark on aggressive marketing or offer any services that we don't honestly believe will be beneficial to the client. To this aim we offer Free Support and a Money Back Guarantee.

When you become one of our customers a personal representative shall be chosen who best suits your needs. It will be their responsibility to ensure your satisfaction with our service and address any practices in our company that may not be in your best interests. Further more we promise never to put the needs of prospective clients ahead of those of our existing ones.

Environmental Ethos

All our office's energy supplies are 100% environmentally friendly, and we constantly review our energy efficiency. We make every effort to recycle as much of our waste as we can. Where possible we use recycled products or those produced in an environmentally friendly manner.


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