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 User Friendly Software Activation

Fingoo offers the world's most flexible online software activation service, enabling you to easily increase sales whilst minimising distribution costs. Our service is based around a centralised licensing server fully integrated into a transparent payment service giving you complete control of your customer interaction.


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 Latest News

New upgraded service now online

Our new upgraded service now exceeds current e-commerce requirements, and can be more easily upgraded in the future, with improved security and backup servers in 3 locations globally. - fingoo

Elon Musk and SpaceX make history again

SpaceX (off shoot company of our partner PayPal) successfully launched it's new 90% reusable Falcon Heavy rocket, and landed both it's side boosters. - SpaceX

Congratulations for not choosing the other option

Time to congratulate yourself for not choosing the ‘other option’. The final words of developers and their users who went down the not so illogical root, was mainly of regret. - reddit

Sunday, 14 July 2024

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